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It's worth calling-out the original article http://www.theamericanconservative.com/blog/chinese-melamine... (Oh my gosh! A nasty right-wing publication.) You need a right-wing and a left-wing to fly. Or, to go from the abstract to the concrete, you should inform yourself from a wide range of sources. Another notable health scandal (in California) first exposed by the conservative, aka right wing, press was MTBE. See http://www.calnews.com/archives/morgan03.htm and http://www.nature.nps.gov/hazardssafety/toxic/mtbe.pdf (search for KSFO).

These kinds of scandals are not consequences of the free-market. This is crony-capitalism. It could just as easily happen under crony-socialism. And as the MTBE scandal demonstrated, progressive politicians are perfectly capable of foisting this kind of stuff on the public.

I hesitated over whether to post Unz's original piece or Cockburn's linkbaity rehash. In the end the rehash won, because I don't think the comparison to China is the interesting part and because it would likely have sparked a dumb political argument.

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