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Show HN: Pgs.sh – A zero-install static site hosting service for hackers (pgs.sh)
168 points by qudat 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 48 comments

This is really cool! I just uploaded my documentation site that I'm working on. Some quick feedback:

- The "ssh to create account" is cool and I'm thinking of copying this idea. Can you share other feedback you've gotten, is this something people find intuitive?

- The UI for creating an account was slighly non-intuitive: I didn't realize that i could just start typing my username since there wasn't a cursor and there was a default name. It also didn't work very well in the vscode terminal.

- I will probably forget my username. When I exit after creating an account, the contents of the window are lost so I can't even scroll back to write it down. Honestly I'd gladly give my email address (I realize that you're probably intentionally not requiring it but it is an easy thing for me to give if I actually want to use the service.)

- Uploading the site worked but finding the right URL was a challenge. I was able to run the rsync command but it took me a while to figure out what exactly my URL was. I was able to look at the rsync output and conjure that my URL is https://jayhotswap-scratchdata.pgs.sh/public/

- It would be nice if sshing into pgs.sh told me what my sites were.

- I totally respect your pricing at $20/month. Unfortunately - like slices of NYC pizza - static hosting is super super cheap and I'd pay on the order of $5/month or less for it.

Anyway, this is really cool, love that you're building open-source software in go (as I am) that simplifies the entire setup process. Definitely going to copy some ideas here around simplicity!

Thanks for the feedback and trying things out!

- We like the "ssh to create an account" idea too. Makes it easy to confirm a user's identity which is nice and uses tried and true auth/encryption methods. Feedback has been good overall for the experience, main issue is managing account reset methods as that is a bit difficult.

- Noted on the account signup UI, we'll look into how we can work on making that cleaner (a blinking cursor is probably a good start).

- Once you signup, you can actually ssh to pgs without any username set and it will find the account for the public key used on signup.

- The site URL is a bit hard to deal with when uploading multiple files. We'll think of how to make this more clear.

- There's a "cli" based workflow with pgs. You can list your sites with `ssh pgs.sh ls`, you can replace `ls` with `help` for a list of other commands. We want to move away from the TUI a bit and have commands that are easy to be scripted.

- $20/year :)

Thanks again for all of the feedback, always appreciated!

The pricing is $20/year if I'm not mistaken.

Ah, I missed that!

I'm reminded of when we bought floor tiles for our home. Some are priced per piece, and others per sq foot. You can imagine our shock when we loaded up the cart and our bill was astronomical.

Feedback-wise: I'd emphasize the year part because it's easy to gloss over it since I assume monthly. Maybe "$20 annually"?

> - The UI for creating an account was slighly non-intuitive: I didn't realize that i could just start typing my username since there wasn't a cursor and there was a default name. It also didn't work very well in the vscode terminal.

This was a regression from a previous release, none of the colors were displaying properly. We have since deployed a fix. Your point still stands, we definitely want to make the onboarding flow easier.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that pgs.sh is now generally available and happy to answer any questions about the tech involved.

That is very neat! Seems like a lot of thought went into how this works, from the user's point of view. And $20/y is a good price point, you could then go higher for heavy users. Pro tip: cut off sites that get DDOS, rather than send them a $100k bill :-).


Hah, we will keep that in mind when we expand

It's becoming a meme already :)


Show HN: Pgs.sh – A zero-dependency static site hosting service for hackers - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=37392013 - Sept 2023 (38 comments)

Looks cool. Does this offer/have plans to offer server side analytics? Many places offer free static hosting already, but as far as I know none of them offer even basic insights into site traffic.

Site analytics is on the very short list! Thanks for reaching out!

Netlify offers server-side analytics for $9/mo.

Netlify also offers unlimited billing per DDOS like yesterday's story about the guy charged $100,000+ for his free tier netlify account. https://old.reddit.com/r/webdev/comments/1b14bty/netlify_jus...

Good time to offer alternatives.

Netlify confirmed the person affected was fully refunded, so this is misinformation at this point.

No, it's an example of Netlify's default policy. Getting special treatment from the CEO because you managed to get on the front page of HN is not default policy.

To be fair the ceo responded to that claim here on HN the other day and asserts they always have refunded in the past regardless of trending

Seems to me that the default process should be to never show that bill to the customer then. Hide surges and have support proactively reach out to the customer to determine what's going on, rather than the other way around.

And yet support stated that they usually still bill 20% in those cases.

To add on to the other replies, the thing missing there and in most (all?) cloud hosting services is a way to say "Never charge me more than X, no matter what." I think it is the thing that stops many a hobby project from starting.

> Never charge me more than X, no matter what.

Doesn't defeat the purpose of "cloud" and its auto-scaling feature?

What if you get featured on HN?

It is not a big deal if a human person's website becomes inaccessible to huge bursts of traffic. Humans don't want huge bursts of traffic from non-interested people, only profit motivated incorporated persons do. What if you get featured on HN? The site becomes inaccessible for a few hours to a day. No big deal. Human person sites have no requirements for uptime.

Technically he was not refunded (because he never paid), what they did was reduce the bills multiple times and then finally waived the bill (“manually”) when it blew up on Reddit/HN. So it is absolutely not “misinformation” that they could bill you 100’000+ kUSD for traffic on a “free static site”, the misinformation is rather that they might cancel your bill (because it’s “their unwritten policy” and that means nothing more than a 7 year old’s pinky swear).

Wasn't without some serious hassle that is.

My preferred way to deploy my websites is to push the changes to git and have a web hook handle a deployment. I don't see anything about web hooks being supported, that'd be pretty nice since version control is pretty much a non-negotiable, zero extra steps is the winner.

We don't presently have webhooks, but do have a GitHub action for this (https://github.com/marketplace/actions/pgs-action). The goal was to make it easy to deploy using off the shelf tools and not require anything to be installed for usage. I could see us thinking about making this a feature/addon down the road.

The Github action is probably good enough if one is happy/willing for Github to hold the SSH private key to access their site.

I see your point about not wanting to add extra tools; can I ask what you use for serving the sites? I've used things like Caddy server in the past to do things like generating the static site from my Markdown with Hugo, but I currently use "Apps" on Digital Ocean which uses web hooks to detect commits and deploy my Hugo static sites.

We do use Caddy, but just for reverse proxying and handing TLS. We utilize custom http/ssh servers on the backend to handle everything. All of our work is open source and we do development in the open / discuss features over IRC on Libera. You could self host pgs if you wanted! Here's the repo: https://github.com/picosh/pico

Thanks for the info, that's really cool to hear! I'll check it out.

why a web hook though? you can use a git post commit hook and run the deployment steps without adding more moving parts and complexity.

They mean Github not git

Yes my bad, I do indeed mean Github in this case.

Very cool! Seems like a similar aesthetic to Sourcehut: open-source, written in Go, a collection of tools geared for hacker-types. There's even some overlap with the paste bin and static site hosting.

Love the idea and developer/hacker-centric UI/UX; Very clever approach with authentication via SSH keys, hope you will find a way to provide account recovery; IMHO prompting email verification as second factor and recovery option is something users used to (just don't send short-code/pin asking to enter it, old-school links would always work; or leave it as an option receive link or code)

Are there any bandwidth limitations?

We are on oracle, so we get 10TB / mo included. If we hit that point collectively then we will start charging.

Is this fronted by a CDN? Or where is the content served from? I can't find any mention of it in the FAQ or the services description.

Hi! It's hosted on oracle in a VM for now. When we scale this out we will provide multi-regions and a "real" CDN.

Slight nitpick: the set of allowed web formats is missing AVIF, which is supported across all evergreen browsers now.

Thanks for the feedback! We deployed a change to support avif: https://github.com/picosh/pico/commit/570514201d926a664c88cb...

Can we add jxl to that list? Doesn't have nearly as wide support but you could be part of a turning tide.

Thanks for the feedback! This should definitely be supported so we'll get on fixing that!

I'm interested in using pgs.sh or prose.sh to host a service status page. What datacenters do you use?

Very clever. Good luck with your venture

my dyslexic eyes made me think of a shell script to watch Paris Saint-Germain matches

looks very cool prob a dumb q, but why is this geared specifically for hackers?

Most of the services we've developed at https://pico.sh are more-so geared to "power users". It was difficult to quantify that in a single word so hackers is where we landed. Being users of HN ourselves, it felt like the right term but any pico.sh service is open to anyone!

25MB is low enough to prevent me from even trying it. Should be at least 100, cmon.

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