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Ask HN: Please critique our logo.
4 points by captaincrunch on May 10, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
http://www.verelo.com/images/logo.png (if it shows up on black as its transparent, just check the main site verelo.com)

We think its good, but we've been staring at it for months. Ideally we'd like to a/b test something if its worth the time.

It looks cheap. Sorry that was my first impression. It might be some other logos that I've seen around the place for cheap products that was triggered. Your website looks good however. If I was you I would lose the upper part of the check mark and just have a green V.

I'd agree that the check mark could be a little less dramatic.

It's the chunky, rounded typeface. It makes it look gimmicky.

It's not bad.

When I saw it before going to the site, I said to myself "This should be the logo of a company that is offering assurance or 'verifying' something for the check mark to be so prominent", and I'm glad I was right.

I think it works for what you're doing, but I wouldn't say it sweeps me off my feet. I think you could leverage the V-check mark in a lot of ways, however, like you have on your globe.

In my un-qualified opinion: B+

Not my style but my opinion doesn't matter here. Its what you guys like and what your customers (TARGET audience) think that matters. As for why its not my style, I don't like the font or the check design in place of the V.

It reminded me of Verisign so I was expecting some kind of web verification tool. So logo and business do match well.

The only comments I'd make is the roundness/bubble style of the font make it look a bit on the comic sans side.

I'd say the tick is quite long, almost turning into a green shoot, which makes me think more of growing your business. I think it's because the point on the end of the tick doesn't match with the roundness of the font.

The good points are that it is recognisable and would work well in colour or on b&w documents too.

Man, I was expecting something crap (that's usually what happens when someone asks for "please critique $x")

It's very well done. There's a bit of an issue with the aliasing on the top of the checkmark, and I would make the left stroke of the V slightly larger (it looks slightly smaller than the other side of the V, which is jarring), but other than that it's simple, recognizable, portable into different media, and will age well.

Graphically, I think it's good enough overall that you should move on.

My concerns are:

Dark grey background doesn't really scale over the long term.

Very dark red would be better than the black.

See: http://www.kadavy.net/blog/posts/d4h-color-theory/

The only thing I have to say is that you extended "loopish" off the V tends to make the rest unreadable/ rather small once it hits the favicon size. The green tends to not be enough contrast between FF's grey in the favicon area.

to me its a bit hard to identify the check mark as V. additionally the kerning is very close which makes it hard to read. i hope that helps, martin

I cannot guess from the logo that this is a web tool.

The left side of the V should be tad higher. Unless I know the name of your website, it seems like "erolo" with a check mark in front. May be I am too dumb :)

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