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Gijit: It's like Rapportive for Google Calendar (gijit.co)
24 points by adraper 2046 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

Feature request: Would it be possible to make it an option to "minimize" or adjust the width of the sidebar to the right? Works great when google calendar is full screened on my 1920x1080 monitor, but screen real estate can quickly get cramped on anything smaller.

Otherwise, a great start -- I absolutely love that a little map shows up for the next appointment, wanted this for years.

Thanks—that's a great idea and one that should be fairly simple for us to implement quickly

Gijit just messed with every calendar event of mine, and spammed itself to my colleagues. :(

We don't ever actually touch any of your calendar events except to display them in the extension. The 'spam' bit only occurs if you create a new event and invite people - really sorry about that, you can turn that off in the settings, we'll very likely turn that off by default in the next release.

Feel free to email us any feedback, our goal's to make this as awesome as possible, not to screw with your calendar!

Your app is doing something worse than you think-- after I uninstall it, every one of my calendar events still has the Gijit signature line in the description area.

My UX suggestion is tread carefully when you're within someone's pre-existing content, doubly-carefully when it's email, calendaring, and docs that may involve their colleagues and clients.

I'm on Chrome + Ubuntu 12 in case that's useful for your debugging.

This is great.. been looking for something like this for quite some time now. It is suggesting locations for meetings between myself and the person I am meeting with... its dead on-- does it use GEO-IP?

Not entirely, we do a bit of natural language checking for partial addresses in the location field of your meetings and make some assumptions, but the better the location the easier for us to geo-code :)

Well that is very cool. I'm meeting my co-founder today at a small cafe we saw a few times, but never tried it out - thanks, I've just rescheduled a few meetings now! (for the suggestions!) :D

Awesome—let us know what else you'd like to see, would love your feedback!

This is amazing! Everyone is doing stuff the inbox (xobni), glad to see things for the calendar. Maybe you shd name yourselves radnelac?

LOL, oddly that never even made the list of possible names, but I like it! :)

Ever think about emosewa?

Here's the main problem: People dont live in their Google Calendar.

Your main value prop is: Know what you have to do in the next 48-hours. But the problem is, I have to go open up my calendar to see that with your app...why even install then, when GCal can tell me what I have up in the next 48h.

The key would be for it to run in where I spend most of my day -- my inbox, not my calendar.

For what it's worth, I find it generally useful to have a google calendar open in my browser at all times, so having additional information available without having to drill down on individual appointments is delightful to me.

Agree though to the 48-hour limitation -- would be great to one-click side load appointment information for any day of the week, not just the next two days.

We do provide additional information not in your calendar, but I totally see your point, and we're working on this — in fact addressing this challenge is a key part of what we'll be tackling in our next updates to the extension.

That makes a lot of sense. In fact - if you had a parallel extension running in gmail (like rapportive) - you could see the same information in both places AND see when you're meeting your email contacts next.

Don't know if it has wide appeal, but I would love that.

I've been looking for this for a while! Great work!

Very cool, definitely something I can use

This is great!

pretty nifty start

Whatever "Rapportive" is.

Time to start using descriptive terms in headlines, not obscure names.

is there a Gijit for iCal? :)

Sadly not yet, but you can bet we'll be expanding this fast and furiously, so may be soon :)

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