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After trying my hand on some Sierpinski carpet and pseudo-dragon curve, I was experimenting with some texture stuff, my hand slipped, and now I don't have the foggiest idea how I did this[0] (it took ~10 minutes to completely render)

I found the demo trees a bit lacking, so I made some with more recursiveness and better fitting near the joints[1]. Fibonacci rarely looked so cool[2].

Second order recursion can give you some interesting stuff[4]. At some point I was successful in drawing a galaxy but things went whacky

I could see myself readily using this to generate artwork or material texture in some game.

This thing desperately needs some more love[3] than shown in the video. I'm dying to export data, be able to remove elements from left and right sidebars, have more basic shapes (triangle?), a persistent shape library (html5 local storage?), and some form of snapping to grid/angles/ratio/edge.

[0] http://imgur.com/a/EneFC#0 [1] http://imgur.com/a/EneFC#1 [2] http://imgur.com/a/EneFC#2 [3] http://imgur.com/a/EneFC#3 [4] http://imgur.com/a/ZUlOZ#1

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