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Ask HN: Best platform for a technical blog?
7 points by hallOfFameCity 2045 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I am looking to start a technical blog and wanted to get some recommendations for what the best platform is for a technical blog. I notice that Wordpress, Tumblr, and posterous seem to be some of the more common ones. Any suggestions or insights?

Github pages + some form of Jekyll

Jekyll Bootstrap is easy to setup - http://jekyllbootstrap.com/

You can use a custom domain with Github pages too, I'm using Jekyll for my blog - http://blog.omgmog.net

I really like the look of jekyll bootstrap. I think I'll be looking into it. Your blog looks great!

I built Spinto, which is pretty good for technical blogging:


Git + Jekyll + pre-processors like Scss & CoffeeScript. Pygments-based syntax highlighting, and a web interface for writing content without Git if you don't want to. It's in beta now, and it's getting better all the time. WYSIWYG blogging and asset management are big next-step features before exiting beta.

Anyway, I'm bootstrapping it, and I'd love to hear your feedback! Give it a try. matt@spintoapp.com

And this is very off topic, but I've noticed something on your landing page that I really envy -- the background pattern. The gray, hatched background at the bottom of the page is awesome. And it's very similar to the background at venturebeat.com. Where did you find that or how did you design that?

I'm pretty sure that pattern is a stock Photoshop one. But yes, it gives things some depth.

That's a very cool project. I'm definitely going to look at it and I'll make sure to give you some feedback if I end up going with it.

I've just moved my personal blog from a hosted Wordpress solution to a self-managed virtual server running Octopress. It's not for everyone but it's lightweight, static (fast) and allows markdown editing which I love.

I'm making http://ruhoh.com (static blogging engine) with a priority on technical blogging. It's still beta so not feature complete, but I push weekly =)

This is also very interesting! I'm intrigued by everyone's personal projects! :)

FunnelWeb http://www.funnelweblog.com/ especially if you are a .net developer.

What exactly are your requirements? "Technical blog" seems a bit vague.

Anything that lets you write. Pick a toolset you like and run with it.


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