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Why Capital One Wants to Buy Discover (onepercentamonth.com)
10 points by minhduong243 57 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

> I don’t think we can count out the possibility that the deal will go through. I suspect that the government could approve the deal because they hate the duopoly of Visa/Mastercard and want another player competing with those two giants.

This is the most important (and maybe only compelling one) argument in favor of approving the deal by regulators! They'd definitely like someone to standup to the giants Visa and MC networks and bring much needed competition in that space!

>but hey, it doesn’t hurt to have optionality

MBAs, financiers, venture capitalists, etc. have the most repulsive grammar/vocabulary. Why?

Simply: their vocab can be specific to their niche, instead of colloquial, comfortable.

Adding -ality to a word mimics terminology in the sciences[1], the sciences have broad authority, thus you cloak your whatever in that same "science-y" authority.

[1] Why is that? Thank the many centuries of non-vulgate languages in the arts and sciences. Since they come from different noun/consonant/grammar structures, when those loanwords are shoved into another language, they gain a whole pile of prefixes and suffixes to make them fit. Of course, "option" is a longstanding common word in English, so we're adding the "-ality" to make it esoteric, which marks it as a possible "science-y" word. This effect is starting to wear off, but unfortunately it's also taking science down with it.

Wow, I couldn't have even imagined that is what's going on here, but I suppose it makes sense. I now have a bit more sympathy for it as well for some reason, despite my certain disapproval.

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