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HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS (html9responsiveboilerstrapjs.com)
274 points by antidaily on May 9, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 48 comments

If anyone's wondering what the JS code in the .zip does:


Thanks, I was rather afraid to run that code.

Well technically you did, by opening the JSFiddle.

I give it that: It's a good satire of today's buzzwords clogging HN.

I would add "Beautiful" to the bunch, since it's so overused.

It's also lacking "Magical"

While we're sounding like Steve Jobs: It's also Amazing, Fastastic, Brilliant, Incredible, Wonderful, Great, Awesome, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, Unbelievably great, Gorgeous, Terrific, Super...


s/Unbelievably great/Insanely great/

Edit: Watched the linked video. It appears the iPad was introduced as merely "unbelievably great" as opposed to "insanely great" like the Mac.

Somewhere out there, there must be a scale of Apple hyperbole. I wonder where "insanely great" ranks compared to "unbelievably great", "amazing" and "magical".

Don't forget "automagical"!

Pah, it's missing "utilize" and "leverage". But at least it doesn't use the word "use".


It sounds like my wife imitating me talking to other nerds.

Thanks for the laugh.

For those of you complaining about the quickstart up-and-running wiki tutorial, don't forget you can always read the related RFCs in the devchannel backgroup IRC log server dump.

and in the page source:

              _   _
           @~ (o.o) ~@
          /___( * )___\   NA NA
             / `U' \      NANA
            (   .   )      NA !!!
             _\   /_

Nice, but I'd really wish it supported a half-way decent transpiled CSS language, like SASS, LESS, JESS, GUESS, or ASS, that gets auto transpilezipped with a simple 'ant ruby merge push' command.

brogrammers take note: this is only for rockstars

won't someone think of the ninjas?

This would be unnecessary if more people understood monads.


The sad thing is that it isn't that far from a number of current sites who seem hell-bent on making you feel out-of-touch.

I work for a company that pulls in five million dollars in sales a day. I upgraded all our servers to HTML9 Bootsauce and it broke everything. What the fuck?! Cross dressed in a unitard compatible my ass! We're losing money by the character I type! How do I revert?! Can't trust anything these days.

Maybe it is just me, but it seems around the time that "responsive" became a term for layouts that adapt to screen resolution, the other term "reactive" which denotes UIs that represent some kind of live and changing data inline on the page was becoming a thing. It almost seems like that was the cool thing first and freaked out people, and now it is like there's an initiative to minimize "reactive" as a buzzword, and put the tamer "responsive" buzzword in its place... presumably while someone works on some kind of large "reactive" effort and then can announce their "big new thing" with their own term... anyway... i'm probably making things up :D

rubygem the lymphnode.. definitely got a chuckle out of that one!

Lost it at shawarma!

I would never have taken the time to do this, but pretty hilarious ...

Don't forget to check out the issues on GitHub: https://github.com/impressivewebs/HTML9-Responsive-Boilerstr...

Documentation reads: "Boom. Cross-universe compatible." ha!

I mean... maybe it's art, sure, but if it's satire in the aim of accomplishing something, i'm entirely unclear on what end this was made to pursue.

Completely useless and unfunny documentation.

You seem to have misplaced your sense of humor. There's nothing to document. It's commentary.

Really? Sarcasm and absurdity are great ways to talk about meta-anything.

I dunno. I think it's succinct and describes the software really well. More software should have documentation like this!

All it would take is one comment from pg and this would be the hottest dotJS project on Github. Imagine Google adopting this!

It could automagically generate Doodles using continuous integration and continuous deployment through Jenkins CI.

Cloud and SoLoMo are missing from the buzzword list. Anyway funny. Kinda reminds me: http://abstrusegoose.com/380

Meh, I did that 4 years ago. On a single weekend.

This is just a single lisp macro.

You can do this with M-x butterfly on Emacs.

Needs a video demo of setting up a blog with it.

I see this is written using BroScript idioms.

awesome work. but it actually lacks of support for vapor.js https://github.com/madrobby/vapor.js

Too subtle :)

Did somebody spend too much time trying to be meta-funny?

Doesn't seem to have spent that much time...

I bet most people upvoted before clicking the link.

I don't see why this got a single upvote. Not only is it a fake, it doesn't even do anything cool.

Well, it's very funny, but it also points to an important architectural bottleneck for modern web applications. There's a veritable explosion of combinatorial front-end projects: 'projects' which merely exist because of the ad hoc way in which these individual technologies can be combined. They add nothing in and of themselves.

For a traditional programmer, this is equivalent to a (very public) proliferation of "convenience" interfaces or methods, yielding one "convenience" method for every possible combination of real method calls. With such a proliferation, these methods cause a great deal more inconvenience then they alleviate, and the situation becomes absurd. (For some reason, Twitter's Boilerplate release has spawned an incredible number of mis-guided "me too" fork-projects that basically roll in <insert technology here> into the Boilerplate project and release it as new.)

So, the serious message is that a) people need to stop with the combinatorial responsive html5 boilerplate bootstrap projects, and b) there's a real architectural problem that needs solving on the front-end of the web. Basically, we need a module system for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. (And it's shocking that such a thing doesn't exist, apart from ad hoc, essentially proprietary solutions like WordPress themes.)

Yea, when I was a wee programmer, I made a "class" for socket.h which was just a wrapper that mapped things to a class, so when you wanted to create a socket connection, you just created an instance of that class, and start using it. It was pretty dumb, but I thought it was cool at the time. I should have overridden the << and >> operators but I was just happy that my "send" and "receive" worked. That was when I was 21, about twelve years ago. Now you see these kids doing something similar, but they have a website on which to place their experiments. I don't hate on them because I was there once myself, but I don't pay them much attention either.

Yea I agree with you, I think we have enough html7 shits popping on twitter, do we really need that kind of stuff on hackernews? ... It does not bring any interesting discussion and does not show anything useful..

Unfortunately I cannot downvote!

These are getting a little stale. Vapor.js was amusing when it came out. It's like they say, you're beating a dead horse.

This made me shoot my drink out of my nose

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