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Show HN: Deception - A Generalized Turing Test Game (playdeception.com)
13 points by tansey 1871 days ago | hide | past | web | 13 comments | favorite

This is absolutely hilarious. (I'm the detective in this game.)


Great work on the game, I really enjoyed it!

Could you add an audible alert when it's the current player's turn to respond, and a countdown timer for the last 5 or so seconds? Several games I've joined thus far have been canceled due to player negligence :/

That said, this is awesome - fantastic concept and well implemented.

Edit: also, when recreating a game, the question field should be auto-populated with the previous game's question.

I'll vote for an audio cue as well. And ideally, the counter would show in the browser tab, so that when I'm looking at other things while waiting, I can just glance and see how long I have left before I need to input anything.

Excellent game.

Really enjoying the game, but the leaderboards seem to be who has played the most games/put in the most time. An average would be better, I think.

Good idea! I just put that up there quickly to give some indication of how well people are doing. You're totally right though.

If we get enough players to make it interesting, we'll add a much awesomer leaderboard and do breakdowns by role (detective, liar, and truth teller.) First we need enough people though. :)

Also - I can't see how to win a game. It only seems possible to tie?

Suspects win by convincing the detective that they're telling the truth. Detectives win by correctly guessing the liar.

Technically, you really win based on the final detective guess. We give progressively more points for each question plus a bonus if you won on all three rounds.

In a way, the game is a collaboration between the judge and the truthteller - they both get the same number of points. The liar can definitely win, but the truthteller and judge can only tie. The fun part is, the judge is collaborating with someone - but who?

I meant to say, that even when I get 1100 points in a game, it doesn't show in my player stats that I won the game. I suspect this is because it was a tie.

Hahaha, I really enjoyed this game. I totally got tricked by the description of liar, but yeah, I now see how the liar fooled me. http://playdeception.com/finished/vmxurgsa

I don't understand the rules. What stops the liar from telling the truth?

Well the liar has to convince the judge that he is not lying about the answer. However, the answer is the one given by the truth teller and not the liar. So what incentive would the liar have to tell the truth?

Yep, I understand it now. Upvoted, it's pretty cool. I thought the idea was that the liar had to lie about everything :S.

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