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Fair enough and absolutely true in principle, but I don't think "here are its pros and cons" is the message being conveyed.

Rich Hickey might be very humble in person, and I don't think this blog post is necessarily arrogant (but you're also not going to convince me it's humble).

I'm not really complaining about a lack of humility or even about Rich Hickey. I just feel like Clojure is one of those languages caught up in a sort of Cult of Awesomeness, where people feel obligated to lionize the pros and downplay or omit the cons and the contributions of others.

I don't really want to use a language that's being driven by that. Maybe I'm mistaken about Clojure fitting that description, and maybe meeting Rich Hickey would set me straight, but I still think it's a reasonable perception to take away from this blog post.

You dont want to use a language where people build the most awesome thing they can think of? The people are all about building cool stuff but if you ask any of them what is bad you will hear them becoming very very critical.

Do you expect Rich or anybody else to write a blogpost that goes 'I wrote this library and here is why it sucks'. EVERYBODY writes blogpost on why what they themselfs build is good, I dont see any diffrence between clojure and other languages (or communitys).

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