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Show HN: Weekend project - Speak Like A Brazilian (speaklikeabrazilian.com)
4 points by kinow on May 8, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

You should add some tagging, to identify an entry as a swearing (nsfw), slang, proverb. Most expressions currently on the website are swearings.

It could be hard to guess how "coé" should be pronounced, so you should add the phonetic representation for the words, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IPA_for_Portuguese_an...

Great idea! There are already tables in the database for tags, comments, rating and other features. I will include this feature in the next days. And you are right about the pronunciation too, it might be really hard to guess how to pronounce certain words. I will have a look at dictionary.com and merriam webster, I know they include a small audio file with the correct pronunciation of each word. That could work for speak like a brazilian.

It seems the DNS server has gone crazy, and the site is being redirected back to namecheap :-(


Any Brazilians there? Let's share our expressions, sayings and vocabulary with the world. I didn't have time to set up an area to submit new entries yet, so I'm entering them manually. In case you remember any cool expression, send me a message and I will include it (or if you would like to know the meaning of something).

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