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No promises, but I think we will enable this on rsync.net storage arrays...

We already have s3cmd in our environment, so you can:

ssh user@rsync.net s3cmd get s3://rsynctest/mscdex.exe

So if we put this into the environment, you could call it over SSH:

ssh user@rsync.net gmvault sync foo.bar@gmail.com

... which is fantastic.

More like this.

Awesome. Let me know if you need some support.

Any chance you could build S3 support into Gmvault? So you could cron it on a linux box to connect to Google and push all the data into an S3 bucket? If money is an issue, I'd be interested in footing the bill.

This is something I have in mind: Cloud save. It will be added in the roadmap. Please contact me and I will keep you in the loop. Regarding the money I am thinking of adding a donate button to support the project.

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