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Thanks for the feedback. There is a restart functionality use the --restart option (see gmvault sync -h for more info). Also note that when you restart from scratch, if the email has already been downloaded and is identical then the download is not performed. So only scanning the mailbox is faster than having downloads.

Regarding the timeout, please send me the error message you had and if it is a bug I will fix it but note that sometimes Gmail cut the connection without any reasons. There is also a retry reconnect process (up to 4 times) if it is not a fatal error (cannot recover from them).

Seems like this guy is getting the same error:


(Issue number 4 on the github project.)

I added my output to the issue.

I'm on Gmvault v1.0-beta from pypi. It doesn't recognize the --restart option. "gmvault: error: unrecognized arguments: --restart"

Restart doesn't seem to be available. https://github.com/gaubert/gmvault/issues/4

yes it is there for the restore operation but not for sync. It will be available in the next version (to be released in 2 weeks)

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