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Sweet! I'm gonna keep my gmail backup on my google drive!

Err, isn't there a flaw in that plan?

Surely the back-up should protect you in case you lose access to your Google account...

I think he was trying to be subtly ironic. Perhaps too subtle.

I wondered that after I wrote the reply.

However, I bet some people do use google drive to back-up other google services. It's not ironic, just foolish IMO.

You can always create different Google accounts for each service. My "main" account (Reader, Youtube, etc) was never tied to my Gmail & Calendar account, and the probability of losing both at the same time is rather small.

Not as small as you may think. Do you really believe that Google can't connect the dots (or the IP addresses) and figure out that both accounts are associated with the same person?

They'd have to tread carefully. Would suck to have an entire university banned from Google services ;)

True... but I imagine they can also distinguish between frequently-shared IPs and rarely-shared ones.

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