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I love the idea, but I wasn't able to use it. http://cl.ly/2m170D012X370n1g2K0S

OSX has some niceties for python apps, you could use py2app to make it an actual binary rather than a folder or bundlebuilder.

Same here. Installing with pip (not in a virtualenv), and I get

    Cannot find the python executable to set env var PYTHON_BIN. 
    Please check where your python binary is.

if python is in your path, just edit gmvault, delete the PYTHON_BIN stuff starting at line 24 and add PYTHON_BIN="python"

That should work if python is on your path.

Thanks, works like a charm now.

Yeah. Curious why PYTHON_BIN is required. I'd rather just have it use whatever python points to by default.

Yes your are right. I will fix the script to look for the default python.

Hi thanks for the feedback. I will try to use the py2app application. If the binary version doesn't work, you also do a standard python installation (http://gmvault.org/install.html#py_install).

Seems like the docs are a bit lacking at the moment, but if you open the terminal and change directories to (in your case) "~/Downloads/gmvault-v1.0-beta/bin" and then run "./gmvault" it should work.

Still not working for me on OS X. I CDed my way into gmvault-v1.0-beta/bin, but when I ./gmvault sync mikemarotti@gmail.com, I get this:


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