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tools is still in beta. Comments, features are welcome.

I love the idea, but I wasn't able to use it. http://cl.ly/2m170D012X370n1g2K0S

OSX has some niceties for python apps, you could use py2app to make it an actual binary rather than a folder or bundlebuilder.

Same here. Installing with pip (not in a virtualenv), and I get

    Cannot find the python executable to set env var PYTHON_BIN. 
    Please check where your python binary is.

if python is in your path, just edit gmvault, delete the PYTHON_BIN stuff starting at line 24 and add PYTHON_BIN="python"

That should work if python is on your path.

Thanks, works like a charm now.

Yeah. Curious why PYTHON_BIN is required. I'd rather just have it use whatever python points to by default.

Yes your are right. I will fix the script to look for the default python.

Hi thanks for the feedback. I will try to use the py2app application. If the binary version doesn't work, you also do a standard python installation (http://gmvault.org/install.html#py_install).

Seems like the docs are a bit lacking at the moment, but if you open the terminal and change directories to (in your case) "~/Downloads/gmvault-v1.0-beta/bin" and then run "./gmvault" it should work.

Still not working for me on OS X. I CDed my way into gmvault-v1.0-beta/bin, but when I ./gmvault sync mikemarotti@gmail.com, I get this:


On Vista64: made it through all install screens. No desktop shortcut (even though I asked for one), had to nav to install dir to find it. Ran uninstall and it only did a partial uninstall (I've still got a gunky folder in program files).

For Windows:

- Require admin for installer (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb756929.aspx)

- Add to Start Menu

- Doesn't show up in my installed programs list = no standard way to uninstall

Thanks for the feedback. I have not tested deployment on Vista but on WinXP and Win7. You didn't need to be an admin as far as I saw. The integration in the menu,showing up in the installed program as well as uninstall is in the version 1.1 that should be released next week. I wanted to see if some people would be interested by such tool.

The installer needs admin. Can't write to "Program Files" otherwise.

Ok got it and will add it in the next version. Still you can install it anywhere so put it somewhere else in the mean time.

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