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AMD’s Chuck Moore has passed away (semiaccurate.com)
146 points by yread 1967 days ago | hide | past | web | 21 comments | favorite

I look forward to seeing articles on Moore's work; I did not have the pleasure of knowing him.

In the meantime, this headline had me a little confused, thinking of the chip designer Chuck Moore who was Forth's creator. It doesn't seem that this is the same Moore. Just FYI :)

Just to further make it easy to confuse the two, the Forth-inventor Chuck Moore is also involved in chip design these days (at Green Arrays - a company doing embedded heavily multi-core chips running a forth-like instruction set)

Thank you for that clarification - I was wondering if it was the same man as invented Forth.

I wondered if it was the person who coined Moore's law, he's not that either.

Intel co-founder Gordon is the Moore of Moore's Law.

This is probably not the right moment, but kinda funny that AMD has also an important person called Moore.

FWIW, Moore is the 9th[1] most common name in the United States.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore_(surname)

I also wondered for a while (checking wikipedia and work...). May he rest in peace, even if from that little article I didn't get to know what advancements he was responsible of (and I'm now quite curious about)

For anyone else who is confused, this is not the same Chuck Moore who invented the Forth programming language. As the title states, this is the Chuck Moore of AMD.

This is not the person who coined Moore's law either.

Also, not the guy who played James Bond in the 70s

This is terrible news. I got to work with Chuck Moore in grad school. I was a PhD student when he was a senior member of our research group. At the time he'd already led the design of IBM's Power4, the first multicore processor.


Chuck was a friend. He was a brilliant guy. He will be missed. -d

Ask PG: Can we get a HN black bar for him today?

Using my laptop with AMD fusion processor, I wish Chuck Moore to rest in peace.

Damn, what is it about pancreatic cancer and tech giants?

Must be something in the silicon. (on a lighter note)

It's sad that it's happening so young, wasn't Mr. Moore just a bit over 50?

The tap water in Silicon Valley is generally terrible - a legacy of [a] not enough water in California and [b] the industrial legacy of turning "The Valley of the Heart's Delight" into a manufacturing center.

Can anyone find a Wikipedia article about him? It sure seems he's notable enough to have one.




Wrong Moore.

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