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The rule on headlines that ask questions: If a headline is asking a question, the answer is no.

This has unfortunate implications for Jeff Bezos.

Might it more be that "the answer [the author believes] is no" which is only unfortunate if you believe the author in this case to be smarter or know something secret about Jeff Bezos. Since Jeff was ahead of the curve with the online book company and then again ahead of the curve with the internet architecture (AWS,EC2 etc) thing I'd say he's pretty bright and just because some semi technical author can't figure it out doesn't mean that the authors conclusion is correct.

Jeff Bezos is a brilliant mind and I'm thankful for all of his innovations within the tech community, but what interests me most is his 10,000 year clock project currently under development in a Nevada/Texas mountaintop.



The Long Now foundation was not started by Jeff Bezos, or run by him, I think it was founded by Danny Hillis and others, though they do have funding from Bezos and I think they're building it on his land.

> This Clock in the Mountain is being funded and built on property owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon.com.

> Bezos is also active in designing the full experience of the Clock.

Thanks for repeating what I told you by quoting the website. The long now foundation had this idea and the plans for the clock long before bezos gave them lots of money, it is not in any sense 'his' project, it's a team effort which started long before he became involved. Haven't read the wired article but I wouldn't use that as a basis for your opinions as wired is not exactly a reliable source. Do some more reading on the website though as it is a fascinating project, in some ways I prefer the Rosetta disk and wish he had taken an interest in that as well. Anyway, this is straying off topic.

> Jeff was ahead of the curve with the online book company

That's a popular belief, but it is wrong.

Back in 1990 (pre-web) there was an online books company at books.com. It was an outfit in Ohio, which started with telnet access and ordering from their online catalog.

Amazon came later and executed better. Books.com was sold to B&N around 2000, if memory serves.

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