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"Clowns are unhappy" is just something people with no sense of humor say to feel better about themselves.

Everyone is unhappy about something. I'd rather see it channeled into humor than into passive-aggressiveness.

People mention Robin Williams and John Belushi. If you want a (fictional) example, take Jerry (or Larry?) from Parks and Rec. He was as boringly positive as anyone alive, but he had a fantastic family life, and more importantly, I'd bet his kids would say, "Dad is really funny!" And most of his "jokes" would be silly Dad jokes.

You can have no sense of humor and still be miserable. Humor absolutely is a defense mechanism for people who are sad and depressed; I know because I have anxiety and depression and am funny, and I know why.

But that doesn’t mean everyone funny is miserable.

We have a set inclusion problem here. (People who are miserable) does not properly contain (people who are funny). They overlap. So we agree.

Yes, but the percentage of funny people skews heavily toward those who are miserable. That is to say, the center of the Venn diagram is much larger than either of the two individual sides.


Anecdata. I know, not great for a scientific study’s purposes, but I cannot deny my own experiences either. :)

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