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In NYC? Looking for good user group meetings to go to? Here is a convenient calendar. (google.com)
23 points by dpapathanasiou on Dec 10, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

And here is one for Philly: http://phillynewmediahub.com/

And (not included yet) is the hackathon group I started last year: startups.philadelphia.groupomatic.com/

Another NYC calendar:


Dallas: http://www.dallas-csharp-sig.com/DFWUserGroups.aspx

Mostly microsoft focused meetings but a little ruby also.

DC/Baltimore Area? Here you go: http://www.dctechevents.com/

Amazing...thank you! Are there any other specific groups that you'd recommend (any python groups)? I'm planning on moving to Fairfax, VA in the first quarter of 2009, so I want to know what would be a good way to get familiar with the area (tech-wise) and to meet some people. You can also use my contact info listed in my profile.

There's Python+Zope group [1] in DC, but I've never been. Refresh DC[2] is huge, and web developer-designer oriented, and Fringe DC[3] is functional programming oriented. I really want to go to Fringe, but I haven't been yet. There was recently a Barcamp in DC[4], and I expect there will be more. Twintech[5] is basically a party for techies AFAICT, lots of people seemed to have fun, there's another one coming in January.

I'm in Baltimore, so it's a little tough for me to get to DC events. Our best event is the SocialDevCamp East [6], which is basically a Barcamp-style event.

In April is jsconf[7], though the speakers and location are TBD.

[1]: http://zpugdc.org/ [2]: http://refresh-dc.org/ [3]: http://www.lisperati.com/fringedc.html [4]: http://barcampdc.org/ [5]: http://twintech3.eventbrite.com/ [6]: http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/SocialDevCampEast [7]: http://jsconf2009.com/

What brings you to Fairfax?

Girlfriend (civil engineer in Fairfax), desire to move out of Orlando after growing up here and living here for 16 years (though that still includes four years of undergrad in NC), my company also conveniently has offices in and around Fairfax, too.

Portland Oregon has Calagator, a unified calendar for the tech community: http://calagator.org/

It's also a community driven open source project with multiple code-sprints per month!

Thanks! Calgator is open source and community focused, so we'd be glad to collaborate and discuss how to extend it to serve the needs of users in other regions. If interested, please get in touch with us at: http://groups.google.com/group/pdx-tech-calendar/

--Igal Koshevoy, Calagator Developer

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