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Oh man, every time we see this kind of thing it makes life that much harder. :)

How can we not suffer with only 24 hours in the day. We have children and jobs and projects already under way. Every week we seem to have something so exciting land in our laps that it is hard to sit still.

Roll on the future.

It was a little disappointing to see frames drop to 35ps on fullscreen (my colleague got the full 60fps). But it can only get better and faster from here.

If you want something that will really blow your mind, check out the webgl demo of Cube 2: Sauerbraten (a Quake clone).

It's by far the most advanced WebGL FPS shooter I've seen so far - http://www.webgl.com/2012/05/webgl-game-cube-2-sauerbraten/

Mind blown. It's time to learn how to use WebGL.

Except it was written in C++ then converted to Javascript/WebGL.

The mere fact that even that is possible is pretty mind-blowing.


The math for calculating the mouse pointer position seems off, even in full screen mode.

I think the engine multiplies mouse movement by some factor, so the OS cursor diverges from the game cursor. But in fullscreen+mouselock mode it should work fine, not sure why not in that link, but here is a link to another wip port of the same game engine to JS/WebGL,


In fullscreen mode the mouse cursor works ok (at least in browsers that support mouselock).

Words cannot describe how epic that is

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