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I was incredibly excited when I found out Euruko is only £65; every other Ruby conference is extortionate. I don't care about fancy venues or freebies; I want to meet other people and learn something new.

Most of these conferences are pricing out the people who actually want to learn, and instead mostly just filling their seats with people who know it already.

Most EuRuKo venues since it started moving were actually fancy :). I still remember the days when they were hard pressed to find locations in germany that gave a cheap room with a projector to 20 rubyists :/.

I think the model of moving the conference through europe also ensures that there is a healthy competition between the user groups.

But there are other great conferences at a similar price point in the ruby world, for example Ruby Lugdunum: http://rulu.eu/ .

> a cheap room with a beamer

A tip for you, and maybe other German speakers here: "beamer" is one of those German words that seems like English, but it's not (like handy). In English, the word is "projector", whether it's analog or digital.

I thought he meant that they were provided BMWs for transportation.

Thank you so much for that clarification.


Ooh, I hadn't seen that one - sorely tempted to go to France for that now :D

Sorry for replying again, but I saw it too late: Eurucamp (the event that was quickly organized for everyone that didn't get a ticket for EuRuKo 2011) will be continued. I would be surprised if the ticket price would be above the price of EuRuKo. http://2012.eurucamp.org/

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