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Jobs didn't need a college degree to be a good CEO.

In my opinion, college degree is not neccessary to be a competent CEO. Leaders are praised for different qualities than those which can be simply taught in a school.

"Jobs didn't need a college degree to be a good CEO."

Jobs didn't lie about having a degree either.

No, but he lied to his friend about a 50/50 split on work for $5000 claiming it was $750 and claimed he was sterile after fathering a child.


I remember seeing the story of SJ lying to Wozniak, sometime back. And, I think that along with the 'fathering a child' lie, make up for much bigger lies and actually hurting others much more.

The kind of lie which Yahoo CEO made, is much softer in comparison. And its obviously a mistake which he made when he was young, and then got stuck with it.

The strong reaction on HN, perhaps, is a result of too many young people out here who put a greater importance to degree. I think, it matters to them much more, being just out of college.

Agreed, but that wasn't the point...

Would you approve of a CEO lying on public investor documentation?

It's less about whether he needed the degree, and more about whether he lied on a filing to the SEC about him having the degree.

Lying is inexcusable, but I'm more interested in what prompted him to make the lie in the first place. I mean, who really cares if he has a CS degree or not? What did he stand to gain?

I agree, but honesty is necessary to be a competent CEO, especially honesty to government authority that can close the company down.

It is highly unlikely that the SEC would be able to come anywhere near shutting down YHOO. The CEO could come under criminal prosecution & most certainly would be sued (but most likely settled) by the SEC.

You are right. Even if he has the best experience, lying to the public and authorities is a big mistake.

That makes the lie even more foolish.

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