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Show HN: Our weekend project - Pinstagram.co (pinstagram.co)
37 points by wushupork 1971 days ago | hide | past | web | 34 comments | favorite

link: http://www.pinstagram.co

So what do you get when you combine a billion dollar company (Instagram) with a $500 million company (Pinterest)?

The background: My cofounder Brandon and I were having a discussion on startup pitches, especially the ones that go “we’re an X for Y” and thought a hilarious VC pitch would be “we’re a Pinterest for Instagram”. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I liked Instagram, and this was a real need for me. There was nothing like it out there that I would use. So last weekend I decided I would make it a weekend project.

I spent a few hours putting something together using my design and front end skills. I was able to show the popular feed in a Pinterest-like UI. I showed this to Brandon which quickly convinced him this was a good idea and together we started clobbering together the project. By the end of the weekend we had something that basically worked. You could log in with your Instagram id and view your feeds, your photos, what’s popular and search.

For those of you interested in how it was made. It’s a very simple Ruby and Sinatra app. It doesn’t even have a database. The front end was built on Twitter Bootstrap. Haters can hate me for not building the html from scratch but I prefer to build my house using off-the-shelf tools instead of having to go and chop wood in the forest. The Pinterest style layout was built using Masonry, a very useful jQuery plugin.

Looks really good! Nitpick: let's should be lets on the front page..

fixed - good catch

I like this part: "Not featured on" grayed out with huge logos of recognizable blogs.

Smart move of a hackerish spirit :)

It's misleading. Too subtle for my taste.

Yeah, I can appreciate the spirit of it, but I think the "not featured on" could be a little more prominent. Heck, I think it might even add to the joke a bit because some people would still end up just scanning and say "Oh wow, TechCrunch!"

wasn't that the point? if you havent read "fine print", it is not their fault. but i know i may be crossing the line here...

anyways, i love the idea!

ok, how about: "we would love to be featured..." with email link to contact@ on all the logos. just second thought.

well, now it's been featured.... :)

too bad I can't click on those now. now, they look fake to me. if you were "featured", I want to click on the logo and be redirected to the website. please fix those.

Not featured on...

I chuckled out loud.

thanks, just thought we'd have some fun and if someone wasn't really paying attention - they'd think it was social proof

sorry I first commented then read your message; I +1 you.

I like the "Not featured on Mashable". :D

Now that it's on HN frontpage, that'll probably need editing ;P

Why is that? They knew what they typing. I get the humor and the purpose behind it, and the outside box thinking. I should have thought about something like that myself.

I'm reasonably sure that the gp means that Mashable etc will cover it now, sooner or later.

I fail to understand what one has to do with another. They havent been covered, fact. Like any other startup I am sure they want to be covered. In the meanwhile they stepped outside of the box when asking "is there any other way we could use their logos without lying to people we've been covered". and viola!

This thread contains no criticism of that decision. Your defense is unnecessary. Relax, understand that text is a poor medium for emotions and notice that the comment that lead to your first reply could very well be interpreted as "Nice idea, but with the coverage on HN they might need to edit that soon, because they'll soon be covered _now_".

It was, for all I can tell, a friendly and humorous remark. I really think you just misunderstood the tone/intentions.

I used to work and train (Wushu) with Pek back in the day (at POW Kung Fu in Chicago). It's great to see a genuinely nice guy doing something that could be very very big.

Good luck Pek!

worlds collide. Didn't expect to see a wushu guy on HN - POW was like 10 years ago.

Yep. That seems like a lifetime ago. I'm glad to see you're keeping busy. I also blogged about Pinstagram's signup experience and UI just now. Hopefully that gives you guys an additional boost.

I showed it to my female friends who use Instagram and Pinterest like it's nobodies business, and they absolutely love it. Only problem is logout is wonky.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear they like it!

Would like to know what problem you're having with Logout. @shiftb or email is on my profile.

Can't reply to you anymore. I'll check it out. Which browser/OS?

Tried on Chrome on both Windows 7 and OS X 10.7.3

Clicking logout doesn't log you out. Have to clear cookies.

Congrats. Like the mashup.

What is the objective? Or simply a side project?

Do both parties allow this? There are a few game apps where playing via your PC is breaching terms of use.

Wow! I really like the ui and its simplicity.

Missing permalinks tho. I'd like to be able to visit /#!/nickname and see a user profile directly, for example.

Anyway, loving it!

I agree, it does need that.

Added that last night!

Can't wait to see how mashable will pick this up.

Looks like ~ $750 million company to me..

Nice work guys. Can't wait to see how people react to it.

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