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Ask HN: 45 Dutch students are visiting Berlin. Can we visit your startup?
90 points by ewoutkleinsmann on May 2, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

My name is Ewout Kleinsmann, a Dutch 24-year old EE student at the University of Twente and co-founder of a Dutch startup. 17 to 20 May me and 45 other EE, CS and AM students will be visiting Berlin.

We'd love to visit some startups and hear about you and Berlin as startup hub in general.

So, to all the start-ups in Berlin: may we come and visit you in Berlin?


PS. if you have any questions regarding our trip, please do ask :)

Email Betahaus and ask if you could sit in their event space (comfortable, big enough for you all, and generally unused) while people come up and present their startup to you for five minutes.

They're nice people, and there's probably around fifty startups in the building. It's a cool place.

Will do, thanks for the tip :)

Check out co-up, a bunch of startups and community meetups happening there. The people there are quite well connected to berlin startups too.


Thanks for the tip!

That seems to be a bad idea as most Germans will not be working from May 17 to 20... and I don't know if the hackers and startup-workoholics actually can resist having one, two or more beers for Herrentag/Vatertag :)

You're right, but that is also exactly the reason we'll be visiting Berlin that weekend. Since the university is also closed that weekend, we won't miss any classes.

Hi there Ewout,

You can drop by at the Gidsy HQ if you want. In the evening of May 17th would work well for us. Let me know! You can also email me (first name +gidsy.com)

And to advertise for Edial: Gidsy is in Berlin, but the founders are Dutch, so you won't have to speak that strange language they have over there... :)

Get in touch with the silicon allee and www.gruenderszene.de, they know everybody. The Gidsy founders are Dutch, definitely get in touch with them.

I'd love to show you guys around (I'm Dutch and living in Berlin), but I will be away during that period (except for 17 in the morning). Get in touch if you have any questions or if I can help with anything.

Thanks, I sent you an email.

There's a map of all startups in Berlin here - http://goo.gl/ZI7Ki

Hi - do you have a similar list of startups in Paris?

that would be neat :)

If you dig the start-up scene in Berlin, we are organising an Open Air tech event for the European tech community.

It's happening at the end of the summer, so if you feel like coming back to the city then, we'd love to have you! http://toaberlin.com

Email me and I'll see if I can introduce you to some of the Startupbootcamp mentors http://www.startupbootcamp.org/europeans-cities/berlin/mento...

Alex af@startupbootcamp.org

You could visit http://www.upcload.com on their roof at the Spree river with great view! Be sure to e-mail in advance!

Thank you for all the great tips and invitations. Love this community :) Naturally, more tips are always welcome.

Perhaps you can post over at hackful.eu as well (Assuming you've not already done that)

Ask Johannes Reck, he's the CEO and Co-Founder of GetYourGuide (HQ in Berlin I believe) and a very smart and friendly entrepreneur. His twitter handle: @JohannesReck. You can mention me, but I don't think that it'll be necessary :)

We'd be happy to have you around at Trademob - especially if you're also interested in Big Data, Mobile, and Real Time Bidding using the latest and greatest technology that is... ;-)

Just drop us a line at welcometwente@trademob.com !

Tot ziens,

Dominik Hamann Lead Architect

I submitted this to Hackful Europe as well (http://hackful.eu/posts/968), hope you are ok with this. :)

Sure come visit us @KeyRocket. email me jan@keyrocket.com we are part of a university incubator and I can put you in touch with them to see other startups.

Thanks for the invitation. I will email you this afternoon.

Hi Ewout, we'd love to have you guys in for a visit. Send me an email to pst@cloudcontrol.de to discuss the details. Best Philipp

Hi Philipp, thanks for the invite. I will email you this afternoon.

Feel free to come over at SponsorPay or drop me a mail: Michael@sponsorpay.com

Good question. Warm welcome. Great community.

Will you steal back some cycles? ;-)

Please show some respect. I don't think it's appropriate to make these kind of jokes.

Sorry .. didn't know it was controversial .. Such jokes were common (and generally acceptable) when I worked there.. :-/

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