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I think this is just a premonition of what's to come.

Fast forward a couple of years, add in a ban (semi-optional) on visual advertising a la Sao Paulo, mix with freebee creative advertising, season with flash mob and suddenly our future could become extremely odd and confusing. Anyone who's not a fan of absurdism will have a hard time living in a metropolitan city.

I love this kind of thing - random absurdism in unexpected places. It pulls people out of their comfort zone in a non-threatening way where everybody gets a good chuckle.

The look on the guy's face as the band steps out of the elevator? That's one of my favorite things to cause to happen to other people - it's just plain fun all around.

I disagree. There is a large mental overhead associated with these kinds of things and living in cities is all about choosing where to spend ones mental energy - since there isn't enough to see everything.

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