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I'm one of the authors. Doppio's not the first JVM in Javascript, but I believe we have the most extensive support for the JRE among the lot. In particular, we can run Rhino and the Java 4 compiler. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Check out the demo here: http://int3.github.com/doppio/

Can you run Doppio in Rhino on the JVM?

I haven't tried, but I'm almost certain not -- Doppio relies on the existence of either the DOM or the Node API, and Rhino lacks both. Not to mention that our support for Rhino libraries isn't perfect as-is. Of course, one could write another shim layer for Doppio that uses the Rhino API... but I'm not going there :P

You can have a go at EnvJS, dom support for Rhino


I don't personally like memes on HN but I believe this qualifies a "yo dawg".

Rhino on Doppoio on JavaScript has got to be the slowest thing in the world.

I can't upvote this comment, but JVM is the greatest of all time.

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