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the ads are targeted, relevant ads. why shouldn't they show you ads for HD monitors when you search for HD monitor? if you search for an overly broad term like that, you're either going to see google's ads or you're going to see an advertisement from some other website masquerading as a top ten list or something.

On my monitor, all the links above the fold are Google ads. I'm not suggesting they stop showing ads. That's how they make money. It's just a question of balance between ads and organic search. The amount of screen real estate dedicated to PPC has been increasing over the last few years, though, and a lot of people are taking notice. Plus, Google comes off a bit hypocritical when Brin criticizes Facebook for being a walled garden.

Bing isn't too much better for this search phrase, but kudos to DDG for the Super User post atop the search results.

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