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Fair enough point on the language, I've toned it down.

As for DDG, kinda but not really. There is a fundamental disconnect between my everyday needs on a computer and the kind of needs that Big Search apparently inexorably must accomplish (and fashionably heralded by the industry in forums like HN), that DDG attempts to emulate.

Most of the time I want to access my trusted vendors (bank, shop, eBay, ...) and a search engine is supposed to be my entry page to achieve that. But say, as I just searched on DDG now for "The Art Of Computer Programming", I get (from my perspective) trusted results from Wikipedia and Amazon, mixed in with crappy spam from freebookzone.com and so on.

My point is that I don't care about that freebookzone.com link, it's a (difficult) problem my ideal search engine would not be attempting to solve.

I am DMW, I pay you $50/year because you don't try to spelling correct programming language identifiers, and for the privilege of you knowing that 90% of the time when I search for a book I want you to send me to Amazon UK, even if I'm connected from Estonia, and apply these rules because I told you them somehow (say, during signup). If your results are incomplete, then provide me with access to some separate deep web mining/ranking service, who I'd expect are paid a cut of my subscription to gain access to.

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