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I wouldn't say that they couldn't figure it out, but it wouldn't be an intuitive solution for someone who doesn't hack. We want marketers that can code for the same reason that we want designers that can code. We want that because some of the most important design decisions happen in code. A corollary to this would be that some of the most important marketing decisions happen in code.

The most obvious of this would be recognizing how you can programmatically hook your application with 0 users to another system with thousands to millions of users. An obvious solution that a regular marketer may recognize is simple address book integration. A less obvious solution that a hacker with API experience would recognize is how to hook into the Twitter search API, programmatically recognize hashtags and generate responses that appear legit from a real user.

Any sufficiently advanced spam is indistinguishable from content. It often takes a hacker to make the decisions that further advance field of spam to the level of content.

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