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OK...skilled plumber...he might not be able to move...I studied economics in college and there are examples of industries that the professors would always cite...like hair stylists...plumbers...etc. Sure.

BUT...that plumber could create a company hiring local plumbers in 20 different countries, and sell plumbing services locally in each of those countries, and incorporate the overall business in a friendly tax country.

So your example isn't really valid. I argue that ANYONE can take advantage of globalization with a little thought. If you choose not to, and Apple chooses TO do...well its really your own fault and choice...isn't it?

That's just one simple example...that plumber could create a digital course that teaches others to become plumbers...or teaches plumbers to market their services better...he could package that digital product, incorporate a company in singapore or WHEREVER he finds the best corporate tax rate, and take advantage of the same things Apple does...

I could go on and on...it's all choice. You chose to be proactive or you choose to snipe at others who do...A thing is not unfair if everyone has the ability to take advantage of it...and some simply choose not to because it's hard.

Ah. Be careful where you are stepping.

Yes, its one choice. But personally, I find that to be rather too smug / elitist and smacks of "Oh, its HIS/HER choice - there's nothing DEFICIENT or FLAWED with the current setup" rather than recognizing that the market/world is inherently complex and difficult to navigate.

Arguing that it's one choice is just sophistry. Kinda like those just world people I meet who argue that the poor deserve their station because its their choice.

Sure there's tons of stuff flawed with the current system...but that's the system, not Apple. Change the system if you don't like it, don't penalize companies like Apple who play by the rules of that system. You can't have it both ways...

I don't think my argument is sophistry...choice is very important. It's the cornerstone of my beliefs and it's a valid philosophy.

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