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Love this, any more recco's?

If you're looking for more mashups, check out Girl Talk, Milkman, and Super Mash Bros.

If you're looking for similar electronic music sets, here are a couple I've been digging lately:

Kaskade's set from Coachella, soundboard recording. http://www.themusicninja.com/live-set-full-kaskade-coachella...

Porter Robinson's BBC Essential Mix - http://soundcloud.com/edmtunestv/porter-robinson-essential-m...

Knife Party's BBC Essential Mix - http://soundcloud.com/edmtunestv/knife-party-essential-mix-l...

Luvstep 2.5 (There are several other mixes in this series, though this one is my favorite) - http://soundcloud.com/dirtysouthjoe/luvstep-2-5

Straight Bass to the Dome - Coletrain http://soundcloud.com/cberra88/straight-bass-to-the-dome

A dubstep mix retelling Jeff Wayne's musical version of war of the worlds, sampling the original narratives by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex - http://soundcloud.com/erwtenpeller/war-of-the-worlds

Flux Pavilion’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - http://soundcloud.com/edmtunestv/flux-pavilion-essential-mix... | http://soundcloud.com/qrip/flux-pavilion-essential-mix

Somejerk's Moombahton over Miami VI live mix - http://soundcloud.com/somejerk/moombahton-over-miami-vi-some... (this might make you run/code funny... try it while doing Zumba?)

If you like Knife Party, you might like the band's main project (Knife Party is a mini-project by two band members from a group named Pendulum.) They do fantastic drum and bass. Immersion, their most recent album, may be their best.

The Island Pt. II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBIYl88Zwyc Witchcraft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AooMCiV2eb4

Their other albums, In Silico (Showdown, the Temptest) and Hold Your Colour (Slam, Blood Sugar) are also fantastic. My favorite band, personally.

That explains why I like both Knife Party and Pendulum's sound. Set Me On Fire is an awesome Pendulum track.

Big +1 to Girl Talk. When I listen to Feed The Animals or All Day, I feel like there's nothing I can't achieve. Still hasn't failed me.

Milkman and Super Mash Bros is good too but I just don't get the same feel.

Porter Robinson's new single, Language, is phenomenal. Thanks for these links!

I've never understood how anyone can do anything productive while listening to these. They're just loud, repetitive noise to me.

That Porter Robinson set is awesome. Thanks for this list.


For Mashups collections, check out Bootie: http://bootiemashup.com/ (and if you're in SF, definitely check them out at DNA Lounge). They do a downloadable annual Best Of album. http://bootiemashup.com/bestof/ (IMHO, the older albums are better.)

If you're looking for a full-album experience, check out the Kleptones. Here's an awesome HTML5 visualization of their album A Night at the Hip Hopera: http://mashupbreakdown.com/nhh

And, of course, Girl Talk

This is what I code to, when I'm coding for it: http://www.audiogalaxy.com/mix/11997-The%20Coding%20Zone/

For a second I thought the old audiogalaxy was back. A favorite of mine in the late 90's.

I approve of those mix ingredients. :)

Not available in my country :(

I absolutely love upbeat electronic music and it's awesome to know I'm not the only one on Hacker News! For over six months I've been scouring the music blogs and accumulating a playlist on Spotify. I think you'll love everything I have in here - feel free to subscribe!


Many already mentioned by others, but also Madeon and Hood Internet perhaps? 2 Many DJs mixes. Oh, and look up Paris DJs and if you like a bit of variety check out the Molested Laura mixes, especially #6. DJ Z Trip too.

For more chilled stuff, Bonobo and DJ Krush.

dj's from mars is good as well: http://soundcloud.com/djsfrommars

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