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Emu War (wikipedia.org)
16 points by throwup238 89 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

This illustrates the incompetence of the Australians vs the Americans.

The Americans almost wiped out the bison and the wolf which are much scarier creatures than Emus.

Really makes you wonder if they're even prepared to deal with modern adversaries such as drugs or terror.

(Edit: Let's put an '/s' here just to be safe...)

It must suck being so insecure about your country that you take ever opportunity to twist stuff into a competition you were never a part of.

Your freedom fries are getting cold.

I read it as deep-fried sarcasm regarding how Americans are apparently much better at taking whole species to the brink of extinction, which is actually a bad "skill" to have.

is it possible that the competition between the French, Spanish and English settlers, plus a desire to take away the food of the native people, contributed to that ugly distinction?

If you read about commercial hunting in those days, hmm ..

the native people hunted the bison and relied on them for clothing and more

What if I told you that we lost the war to a flightless bird too?

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