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Clear [game library manager] – 550kb desktop app built using Tauri
1 point by adithyasrc 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite
Hey there, over the past few months I've been chipping away at this project and here it finally is!


It's a library manager for all your video games and you can automatically import them from steam or manually add them yourself. It'll also help you find the image assets for the game itself. All you need to do is tell it where the executable or shortcut for the game is and you're done!

It removes the hassle of remembering the launcher in which your game is available (for example the ubisoft or epic games launcher) and then waiting ages for them to launch. Also for those who usually just store the shortcuts to all their games on the desktop, this is definitely a much more aesthetic way to do so.

You can organize all your games into different folders however you like and everything can be dragged and dropped around.

Now coming to the tech part,

The app is also extremely lightweight weighing in at around 550kb for the portable and it also loads up blazingly fast, all thanks to Tauri, an electron alternative built in rust. It does make use of UPX in order to compress the final executable that Tauri produces, and there was a whole bunch of work and effort put into making sure that the dependency list was minimal, but the final product goes to show that with the right tech and libraries, desktop applications made with Javascript don't need to be bloated messes and can actually be quite delightful to use and make.

The application is open source and is licensed under UNLICENSE, thus dedicating the project to the public domain. Here's its github repo: https://github.com/adithyasource/clear The javascript part is built using solidjs!

It also supports multiple languages but right now, only english and french are completely translated. You can help out with translating the app into other languages using the github repo!

If you do decide to use it, thank you so much! Please do let me know if it helps you out and if you have any feedback for it!

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