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>Apple basically gets a free pass if you're running Adobe. This is a company that ships crap.

Yes, millions of professional designers using Adobe software are idiots. You are just making BS claims with no support whatsoever. Try opening a huge image in Photoshop and any other editor and see which behaves better and faster.

The only "crap" stuff Adobe does is mostly whatever it acquired from Macromedia.

>I'd recommend getting rid of Lightroom and going to Aperture, or given aperture is a bit behind the curve, upgrading to 16GB of RAM and seeing what adobe-installed processes and KEXTS you can get rid of.

And I'd recommend not listening to BS anecodotal suggestions on the internets. Read a couple of professionally done reviews and benchmarks. All state that Lightroom is faster and more efficient that Aperture. Aperture got a little better in the last version, but still no match to Lightroom.

(I'm not bashing Apple, I like both. Things are what they are though, and yes I've tried both of them.

Thing is: working with freaking huge images, like hundreds of 16 megapixel RAW files, will be slow, whatever you use.

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