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Ask HN: Technical and non-technical goals for 2024?
15 points by soultrees 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments
Mine is to stop and smell the roses more, survival mode is a real thing since COVID. that's for sure. From a technical standpoint I would like to dip into rust more this year, it appears to be the rockstar language these days. What about yourself?

Low risk, medium rewards: do more programming competitions. If anything, it reduces paralysis. Less paralysis is a good thing if I need to interview this year, though.

Medium risk, medium reward: deep diving further into the languages and paradigms I already use. Kotlin, Java, Android, MVVM, reactive programming, React programming, coroutines, CI/CD. Maybe even a layer down - things like camera, fonts, UI rendering. Not just what it can do but how it does it. Ideally learning enough that doing these things would be second nature. But is it good ROI with the economic situation? There's less need to hire the top 0.1%, I can sit happy at the top 1%.

High risk, high returns: Learn Ren'Py.

Non-technical: move in to a new place. Find a new school that doesn't kill the kids or kill my finances. That should be enough goal for one year.

Technical: Wanna contribute to OSS projects more - feels like the best community service with technical skills. Also want to get the OSCP cert as it’s been a fun goal of mine to have the skills of a pen tester, but that’s a stretch. Have also had thoughts on starting a grassroots sort of push to use privacy based tools, as current tools don’t feel like tech illiterate people have a reason to use them, but that’s just a soft plan for now. Non Technical: Make more music, spend more time with family and friends. Less video games. Oh and exercise as usual.

I'm deep diving on machine learning basics right now. All new to me. I want to understand the nuts and bolts of ANN's so I get a better handle on the everyday higher order work people are doing to train networks for everyday work.

On a personal level, we'll see what happens. Typical eat better, lose weight, etc.

I can’t recommend Andrej Karpathy’s videos enough, it’s mind blowing how he guides you from zero to neural networks and even chatgpt.

I started learning VHDL today, and jumped through the hoops to get the simulator etc on my PC.

There are some fascinating aspects that I couldn't have predicted. I expect to have a design for an ASIC in the next open shuttle and play with it for real by the end of the year.

- Technical: Learn more about growth strategies and sales to make a living from my product - Non-technical: Take up sport to complete my first triathlon in August with my brother, who is a Top World Ironman.

For the next year I will dive deep in learning OTP and reading a lot of the source code (I’m an elixir developer, so probably mastering a bit more Erlang as well).

Also less lurking, consuming low quality information and publishing/writing more.

What's OTP?

Technical goal: stop sucking ar my job.

Non-technical goal: stop sucking at everything else.

Really, I just want stay employed. Not really planning any goals besides that.

I want to learn more about search engines in 2024. Namely, explore the existing things like Lucene and understand more about their limitations.

Complete SICP '86 and CS61A '12. That should help me build the foundation I am lacking.

learn self defense. do cold water therapy.

make more $.

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