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I bought a brand new Macbook Pro, 15" with upgraded CPU, etc. with 4GB of RAM last year (2011 model). I didn't want to upgrade to a SSD, I wanted to do that later. After I upgraded to Lion (through the Mac Store) the machine is as speedy as my old Macbook Pro I bought in 2006 and is running Snow Leopard. It's horrible and it's so annoying and I'm pretty much really angry. If Apple will not fix this I will NEVER buy a machine from them again. The only reason I'm buying this overpriced hardware is because I like working on OSX and I don't want to struggle setting up a "Hackingtosh". You probably won't define this as a bug because you're not experiencing it yourself. Maybe it's not an implementation bug but it surely is a bug from the user's perspective.

edit: Just for the record. I'm not doing some kind of heavy processing work. Most of the time I've got one Chrome window open with some tabs, email client, macvim and iTerm2. It's not like I'm doing some heavy work. I'm not even running a VM.

Use something like fs_usage to see which of your programs is churning the disk. This is not the normal state of Lion; there are two system services (Spotlight and Time Machine) which can generate tons of background I/O through normal operation - I usually disable TM outright and make sure Spotlight ignores my development folder.

I'll check that out. Thank you for your suggestion. One thing I find strange though, this started happening after I upgraded to Lion. It wasn't like that when I was using Snow Leopard and both Time Machine and Spotlight exist in Snow Leopard.

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