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Why don't you spend $140 and add an SSD to the pro? You can keep the HDD for an extra $80 with a cd drive bay HDD caddy.

I got this one for $16 (no enclosure for your old CD-ROM like the $80 one): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0058AH2US/ref=oh_details_o...

Left some big files on the old HD, and symlinked them. The disk stays idle in the CD bay until I need it, then spins up.

Doesn't the latter void warranty?

Only if you try and claim the warranty for something you broke c.f. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnuson-Moss_Warranty_Act

It doesn't appear to, however if you ever have to get your machine serviced you have to painstakingly undo and redo the installation, as Apple doesn't guarantee the machine that comes back from the factory will have your extra drive in it.

If I were to do it over again I'd just get a larger SSD and leave the optical drive alone.

Maybe technically, but unless you strip every screw on your way into the machine, they won't know you ever had the cd drive disconnected. Just put it back when you take it in for service.

Not in my experience. I did exactly that (install SSD in cd drive bay, and use orig hd for a second drive), and when I had a fan issue it was not a problem.

Yes, but you can un-void it by plugging your CD drive back in. Note that replacing the hard drive voids the warranty as well.

Only voids the warranty on the hard drive, in all actuality they don't care... They will simply call up and ask about it and you tell them you replaced it due to corporate policy and all is well.

As I said, it was only part of the reason I shelved it.

It also turns out I rather like working on an 11" screen. Keeps me focussed.

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