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I had to shut down on a daily basis because of this problem with my system having only 4 GB of ram. There is definitely something broken in there.


And not to change the subject, but why does my instance of Dashboard need 340M of RAM? I have maybe 5-6 widgets. Is this thing spawning WebKit for each one?

I don't see anything wrong in this picture. You still have free memory. Even if it didn't show free memory you would probably still be OK, because it would just be reserved for use

In that case it should be marked as inactive memory so it can be reused, that memory that was taken up by the end of the day would never be reclaimed so I was paging a lot.

>In that case it should be marked as inactive memory so it can be reused

That would be the job of the memory manager to decide when to do that. Memory could be kept in the non-free state for longer that it actually is needed, but still be marked internally to be available when needed.

OTOH, if you have paging, as you say, then something is wrong, true.

But I don't think that the screenshot shows something wrong.

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