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Something is deeply broken in OS X memory management (workstuff.tumblr.com)
389 points by fields on Apr 23, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 258 comments

This claimed problem is not adequately described-- because I don't see it. Therefore there is something else going on here.

I have 8 GB of memory on my Macbook Pro, and I've never seen anything like the problems described in this article. I leave my machine up for weeks at a time, I leave the Time Machine drive connected for weeks, and never have a slowdown, even when time machine is backing up.

The only time I have memory issues is when I have too many safari tabs open for too long. Eventually safari takes too much memory. So, I shut down safari and start it back up-- it opens up all the tabs that were open and takes a lot less memory.

I'm kinda astounded that people with 20 and 32GB of RAM and 8 CPUS are saying it takes 5 seconds to open a terminal window. Have never seen anything like that.

I would venture to guess that these people who are seeing the problem are running a kernel extension or possibly have otherwise modified their machine.

Running your setup and I've seen this problem only with VMWare Fusion running. But they have KB article (http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?langua...) which discusses what they're doing. VMWare Fusion won't let go of memory allocated to a suspended VM, only to a VM which has been fully shut down. The rationale is that the user might unsuspend the VM so it's a performance tweak. But I never use my VMs this way, so I've resorted to shutting down my VMs and everything is back to being snappy.

> OS X is wonderful


I guess the point of the short comment was lost: How can anyone say that any of the current crop of OS's is "wonderful"? Wonderful? Really?

Whether you use Windows or OSX (or both, as is my case) you can probably rattle off a sizable list of how these OS's have gotten screwed-up by their respective publishers. Someone saying "<OS name> is wonderful" and then going on about the reason it actually isn't is very funny.

Again, the comment was OS agnostic even though the thread is about OSX.

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