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Learning Ruby on Rails Book/Tutorial Literature
2 points by dansman 1831 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
I have spent some effort in learning ruby on rails. So far I only used tutorials that guide you step by step through how to build some page. I am wondering is there a book or any kind of literature out there that explains ruby on rails to programmers/engineers/coders NOT beginners?

Thanks guys for helping

I've heard good things about "The Rails 3 Way". I've not used it yet. I'm still in the "beginner" levels and I've found railstutorial.org to be invaluable.

For Beginners: http://ruby.railstutorial.org/ruby-on-rails-tutorial-book

(potentially) For Those More Experienced: http://www.amazon.com/Rails-Edition-Addison-Wesley-Professio...

about Rails:

- Rails Antipatterns

- Rails 3 in Action

- The Rails 3 Way

- Ruby for Rails

about Ruby:

- Eloquent Ruby

- Design Patterns in Ruby

- Well Grounded Rubyist

- Metaprogramming Ruby

thanks guys for the comments. Will try them out and post my experiences ...

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