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Ask HN: Bootstrap Alternatives?
40 points by stevenklein on Apr 23, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments
Twitter Bootstrap is an amazing resource for free baseline styles, interface components and interactions. Are there other companies out there who have released their own version of similar resource?

Foundation by Zurb - http://foundation.zurb.com/ (which I think preceded Bootstrap's existence in time) is very polished, and really is a serious contender.

I recall someone earlier describing it as the preferred choice for those who want to go a few extra steps to retrofitting the framework to their own liking.

Looked at this last week. Seems great and get's points for not being Bootstrappy. In the end, I ended up using Bootstrap and dealing with the hassle of digging through the CSS to get a less bootstrappy look so I could use the handy Javascript plugins that are included, namely scrollspy.

Looking back, I actually can't think of another reason why I chose Bootstrap over Foundation.

Thanks a ton for posting this - I didn't realize I was looking for a Bootstrap replacement 'til I found this thread, but this feels cleaner in a lot of very nice ways.

Ah exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks.

HTML Kickstart - http://www.99lime.com/

This is pretty nice. Thanks! Has a ton of features I've been looking for.

Wow that is really nice. Thanks for commenting.

If I'm a non-technical person with minimal coding skills (C++, editing HTML/CSS, rudimentary knowledge of Ruby), should I invest time and effort to learn Bootstrap/Foundation? My goal is to develop a functional MVP that I can take to potential customers; I've validated the need for my product through individual sales but feel like I need to test a semi-functioning site to see if my idea can scale.

Would appreciate suggestions, alternatives.

You don't really "learn Bootstrap". If you can do web development, you just use whatever parts of Bootstrap you want by mirroring the homepage's code.

If not, it's HTML/CSS that you have to learn and then you'll find Bootstrap an good resource.

That makes sense, thanks.

Should I post this question as its own thread? I'm new to the HN community and haven't figured out all the norms around posting yet. Thanks.

No, you responded correctly.

http://html5boilerplate.com/ is a great choice not yet mentioned. More of a blank slate though so you will need to do some design work. It is responsive in nature which makes formatting for mobile devices easier too.

I'm working on one, hope to release it officially soon.


Download it here: https://github.com/dylanized/bedrock

Would love to see updates when it's done -- stklein89@gmail.com


It's not nearly as complex as Bootstrap which is great when you want create some pages quickly and use your own styles.

I like Skeleton the best of all the recommendations I've seen thus far, and use it in most of my recent projects.

Skeleton, unlike all the other things I've seen mentioned, has almost no overhead, and pretty much stays out of your way. It's got sensible defaults, isn't as recognizable as bootstrap, and doesn't have any cruft.

The biggest knock on it is that it doesn't have enough widgets, but I for one don't want them. I just want a responsive grid framework that looks decent out of the box. If you're like-minded, Skeleton is a treasure.

I like the responsive grid. Would like to see some more UI elements but that doesn't really seem like that's it's goal in the first place.

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