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Show HN: ClimateTriage – Impactful open source contributions (climatetriage.com)
35 points by ThomasGram 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Hello everyone!

We have just launched ClimateTriage.com, a platform helping you to contribute to open source projects focused on climate technology and sustainability. We provide a curated directory covering climate change, sustainable energy, biodiversity, natural resources & more.

Our hope is to utilize the work of Open Sustainable Technology and ecosyste.ms, in order to pragmatically enable developers/contributors to get involved in these fantastic projects.

I built the webapp with Next.js/TypeScript, using the ecosyste.ms API to take a local copy of the repositories - finally exporting a completely static site, hosted on GitHub pages.

We're launching now to gather valuable feedback, iterate, and grow our community. We'd greatly appreciate your insights: What stands out to you, and what improvements would you suggest? Are there any features you're missing?

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thank you!

Very cool! Great that you can filter by language and sort the results. I hope it is a success and that similar projects focusing on other causes emerge.

Thank you, glad you like it! Anyone will be free to fork it. :-)

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