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Common Lisp interface to the pigpio Raspberry Pi hardware library (github.com/jetmonk)
96 points by rcarmo 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Great! Lisp is great for interactive tinkering with the hardware and also using SBCL gives you excellent execution speeds, so that you can run even large tasks on modest hardware.

Note that "modest hardware" in this case means "slow CPU" if you have less than 64MB or so of RAM[1], I would instead recommend ECL, which can run in 16MB of ram somewhat comfortably.

1: 100MB if you don't have swap.

Yes, but we are talking aobu tthe Raspberry Pi which comes with 4G of ram. For very small devices, other Lisps might be preferrable.

Neat. I wrote a binding to wiringPi ages ago (https://github.com/jl2/wpi) for a GPS project I was working on. No idea if it runs on modern RPis, though.

Not working with RPi 5 yet - wait on hardware documentation.

Good that it has the option to link the library directly, instead of only communicating with the daemon version of pigpio. (Very slow!)

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