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HN Podcast #1: Kickstarter, Raspberry Pi, And Instagram (hnpod.com)
192 points by jazzychad on Apr 20, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 62 comments

Feature request: could you upload the podcasts as videos with a still image on YouTube? It would improve the UX and help with discoverability.

Google gives some easy ways to do it: http://www.google.com.hk/m/search?q=mp3%20to%20youtube&c...

Truth be told, I use YouTube to listen more than I do to watch.

Same here. I often take advantage of the playlist feature and listen to songs, at least those not monetized upon yet.

Thanks Alex. I guess you're planning on uploading it as 3x 10min clips on YouTube?

So sorry. I've tried uploading the full version but Youtube rejects it as too long. I'm going to have to give up as it's taking a lot of my resource and I've got to get to bed - flight in a few hours.

I will get on top of Youtube for next week. Anyone's welcome to upload this week's if they have an account that can post longer than 10mins.

Does Vimeo not have the 10 min time restriction?

Vimeo doesn't have a time restriction, their free version has a 500MB/week upload limit (1 video/week), which should be more than enough for this: http://vimeo.com/join

I'm on it.

I've had the iTunes link approved. It's now on the site, but for anyone who missed it:


Can you please post on the Zune Market place as well?

Sorry, I've tried. I found nothing searching for Zune Marketplace. Then I searched around and found this page - http://social.zune.net/podcasts/ but it says "Sorry, the requested page is not available in your region." I clicked 'Sign in' and tried to create an account but it's just redirecting me in an endless loop. Feel free to submit the RSS through your own account if that's possible.

If you've still trouble with it, I've submitted the RSS. Usually it's reviewed and appears in marketplace after few days. Still then users can just add the RSS in the podcasts section of the Zune player.

Had a fuzzy feeling when I started playing it and Orbital is playing as the intro for the podcast.

And suddenly I was in the 90's, seeing Angelina Jolie during the movie Hackers.

Subtle touch at least on the nostalgic side.

So opening song really is from the movie! I felt the same :-)

yeah, but don't let the RIAA know about it...

c.f. Alex's idea to start this podcast 3 days ago - http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3848892

A big thanks to Alex for getting this together so fast and for hosting a great first show. It was a lot of fun to be on.

Thanks Chad. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it'll be a pleasure to have you back on a future show.

"Can you bear my Northern English accent?"

Your Northern English Accent sounds very professional. Like a BBC news correspondent. Don't ever worry about it. Accents in general stand out and make a person very memorable.

I find it very helpful when the voice talent of a podcast consists of different accents, or at least very different voices so you can tell the speakers apart and get a sense of distinct personalities.

One of my favorite thing about the Tested.com podcast is Gary Whitta's Southern English accent.

Good point. I listened to several episodes of This Developer's Life before realising there were two presenters involved.

Maybe I'm just slow :P

This podcast is amazing. Exactly the type of news I want to hear. Just in case you don't check hn every day (or even every couple of days) this podcast has you covered.

The French startup I referred to as a forerunner to Kickstarter is Crowdspirit - http://www.crunchbase.com/company/crowdspirit

Any chance of a write-up on how you managed to get this together so fast? Id especially like to know the software used and how you managed to get organise the guest speakers as the time zone difference must have been a challenge. 3 days for this an impressive feat and I will definitely be a regular listener.

As one of the guests, I have to say I was equally impressed with Alex's quick work. I'll leave it to Alex to explain the process.

I was one of the guests as well and everything went amazingly smooth and took almost no time at all outside of the time talking.

I would like to see that as well. Your idea came to life very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed the first show.

Absolutely, I'll write something up this weekend.

Added to PocketCast on my phone. (Highly recommend that app for both video and audio casts. All I had to do was do a search for HNPod and it quickly found the stream and added it to my subscriptions.) (For the lazy http://pocketcasts.com/)

I'd prefer a video podcast, even if there's just talking involved. I can't just listen to something anymore, because I'd have to do something else in the same time, and then I won't be able to focus on listening. With video I can just watch it.

Try working on a spatial problem. I can't listen to podcasts while writing code, but I can while laying out a PCB.

Drawing or doing a jigsaw puzzle might work too.

Or cleaning. On the rare occasion when I clean the house, I find a podcast lets me drift right off.

Podcasts make cooking and cleaning and yardwork so much more bearable for me. Sometimes I get completely engrossed and wind up doing a far deeper clean than necessary just to have an excuse to continue listening.

But I absolutely can't code while listening to people speaking, my brain is just too old for that.

Agree especially on the drawing. I've been working on improving my drawing/design skills and find it works extremely well to listen to podcasts and sketch at the same time.

Audiobooks & podcasts are my most used mode of learning. I generally take a walk while listening to the talk. Its a little exercise and learning at the same time. - Maintaining a regular route helps you focus. - make sure the entire route is safer

Try speeding it up. For information-centric podcasts where comic timing isn't central, I find speeding up actually increases my retention, even when doing something else (I like to walk and do chores). Works like a charm for audiobooks too.

I had previously registered for the email notification, and I received the notification at 9:28 PDT this morning. It's inspiring to see how fast you took this from idea to implementation. Well done.

Great initiative, looking forward to new shows.

PS: the site is broken on my iPhone, the absolutely positioned bottom links cover the top ones.

Great idea. Not only does this make for good audio content while I work, it's a godsend for when I'm driving. Thank you.

It would be nice if one could listen directly in the browser, maybe using the <audio>-tag and an .ogg version?

Kudos on getting decent audio. Are you using a Rode Podcaster? I'd love to try one.

I've had to unsubscribe to countless podcasts with decent content just because they didn't invest the £100-200 on a decent microphone & pop filter.

As you can probably tell yourself, it's harder when the guests don't have decent mics, but a good first effort.

I'd like to apologize for the echo from my side. I have a quality mic, but had to change rooms at the last second and didn't realize the acoustics were that bad or I would have tweaked the sensitivity or grabbed a more forgiving mic.

Anyone with an iOS device who is new to listening to Podcasts, I strongly suggest buying the Podcaster app. It's just a few bucks and about 100 times nicer than using iTunes on the phone or on the desktop.

Yes, I know that "better than iTunes" damning with faint praise.

Just about anything is better than the built in. I use Instacast myself.

Despite this not being in iTunes yet, you can still subscribe by going to "Advanced" -> "Subscribe to Podcast" and pasting the RSS feed: http://www.hnpod.com/episodes.rss

Awesome! I was browsing Downcast to see if this was up yet but no luck, but now subscribed manually.


I've added it to Flapcast, in case anyone uses it: http://flapcast.com/index.php/podcasts/podcastInfo/4592

Thanks, I had no idea there were so many outlets!

I really enjoyed this. It's short and doesn't meander with stupid jokes or idle chatter. Good work, especially by the moderator. Can't wait for the next one.

Thanks for doing this. I'll be a regular listener.

Yes! This is what we needed this whole time! thanks!

Anyway you can add this to Stitcher?

anyone got another link? server down for me

I broke it. redeploying now.

Honestly I think TechZingLive is way better. They talk startups, tech, and every week talk about some of the biggest HN stories.

Needless comparison. There's no limit on the number of podcasts there can be. It's the first one. Give it a chance to find its legs.

There is, however, a limit to the number of podcast I can listen to.

I simply wanted to voice my opinion that I choose a different podcast over this one for the same subject area - and I thought this was worth say publicly because there are others out there that maybe don't know about the other podcast and could benefit from my mentioning them. That is all.

You could mention the other podcast without dissing this one on the first day of its existence. The thing barely exists yet.

I'll have a listen to their show and see if I can pick up a few pointers. Thanks!

This is a nice idea, and I'm sorry for being so negative, but: isn't this just a summary of HN news & comments, but in audio and we can't vote and most of us will already know the subjects (since we have read the links on HN)?

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