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Ask HN: Why are comments disabled on the job posts?
14 points by jedberg 1917 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
On reddit one of the best things about the ads there, which include job postings, are that you can offer constructive feedback on the ad, which actually helps the advertiser better understand the message they are sending.

For example, for today's job posting, I'd like to offer them the feedback that "Social Hacking" has some very negative connotations, even amongst the HN crowd, and they may want to reconsider their wording.

I think they're disabled because people were outing ones that wanted to be nameless and the tech rags lurking on HN looking for stories to recycle might prematurely write about them.

That's fair. But why not at least put public comments on the ones where the company isn't secret?

That might be because people were making fun of companies looking for ninja rockstars who wanted to change the world one todo list app at a time. Even after comments got removed some were tragic enough to spawn separate, parallel discussions heh.

I think that is valuable feedback to the advertiser. :)

I strongly suspect 'social hackers' are exactly what this particular company's looking for, and the negative connotation serves as a useful filter.

You can always send them a private message.

I could, but it think it would be better for them if the comment were public, because then other people could reply and explain why my feedback might not be good.

Just saying because it confused me for a second ("When did they add private messages to HN?") -- you mean email, right?

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