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Most people don't believe a bomb will actually blow up or something on campus. I think what freaks people out is notion that the person(s) making the bomb threats are trying to observe the patterns and behaviors of how people react during an evacuation.

Pitt has the tallest educational building in the US (Cathedral of Learning - which has had 14 bomb threats), plus many other buildings on campus are rather tall too. I cannot begin to imagine how exhausting these bomb threats have been to the police. Many people don't want to evacuate the buildings either. But what if some lunatic takes advantage of how desensitized and relax people are becoming to go a shooting spree... that is the more scary thought.

Maybe the authorities should stop desensitizing these people by constantly subjecting them to false alarms, then.

Honestly it seems like person(s) making the bomb threats becomes more agressive with the threats when the university makes a public statement about it or when the police think they've caught someone or have a lead. A part of me wonders if the university might provoke the person(s) behind this to do something more extreme if the bomb threats started to be ignored.

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