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When did these bomb threats happen? At the end of term or beginning? During exam week? When a famous politican is visiting?

126 is alot. I bet if you were to investigate the timing of these threats you might find some interesting correlations...

The bomb threats began to really start picking up this month, but started after spring break. I also just got the notification of two more bomb threats made.

Here is a spread sheet about the bomb threats (not made by me): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlvhxmKEu6UpdGZ...

This is great, the spreadsheet not the bomb threats. Nicely done.

The Pitt subreddit actually informs me faster about bomb threats than the school's notification service.

Here is a blog someone started to keep track of bomb threats: http://stopthepittbombthreats.blogspot.com/

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