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America's online law enforcement shaping up to be pretty much like the war on drugs.

No, war on drugs is causing thousands of fatalities a year throughout N and S America. The people pushing that have a shitton more blood on their hands.

I say this not to be disagreeable, but to highlight how bad the WOD really is.

In other words, useless?

Useless with respect to the purported goal, but they both certainly serve a real purpose, providing a pretext to target undesirables.

And expensive

And with lots of innocent casualties

And corrupt

And supported by morons

And boosting economies outside of the US?

Don't worry about economies in EU, we've done a really good job in hamstringing with "social" policies. Compared with other countries law enforcement in US is pretty decent.

Let's see. In the war on drugs, a number of police forces have been caught delaying drug busts so that they can make more money from seizing cash (as opposed to seizing drugs). What's the cybercrime equivalent?

If you opt to not cherry pick the comparison, and look at the larger picture instead of trying to make it a 1:1 analogous comment, you'll probably find that what the OP of this chain was referring to is that both are shows of excessive waste where government entities are faced with something much larger than what they can lasso in, and are routinely going about very questionable methods to get what they want.

You may have read sarcasm into my comment where there was none. I am, in fact, looking for an analogous operation which provides the Feds with destructive incentives in the area of cybercrime enforcement.

I do not know of any, pulling from recent memory-however the point of my post was to highlight that you (in the general sense) can't reasonably deduce from alaskamiller's post there's going to be an exact parallel with cybercrime enforcement and drug enforcement; what I took from alaskamiller's post was that cybercrime enforcement shows a lot of the same characteristics as the war on drugs, as myself and other posters have already highlighted.

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