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Know Your Gmail Stats using Gmail Meter (gmailblog.blogspot.com)
64 points by avsaro on Apr 19, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

Off Topic but I hate the new blogger templates! They are inconsistent, unresponsive and even overlap with the browser sidebar.

It's completely broken on my (Android) phone browser. Every time I try to scroll down, it kicks me back to the top of the page.

The Archive/RSS hidden menu at the right covers Chrome's scroll bar gets on my nerve.


How is it even possible to overlap the browser sidebar? Never in all my years of webdev have I even seen it hinted that anything like this should be even remotely possible ...

It is an emulated one....

On my laptop it perfectly covers the scrollbar so you can't use it at all. Funny how it doesn't seem to do that in anything that isn't Chrome.

Not to mention the idiotic mapping blogspot.com to blogspot.co.uk (in my part of the world). Way to proliferate dup URLs!

Doesn't even load in Firefox 11.0 on Windows 7 64bit, all I see is some spinning gears in the middle of the page.

As a user of Firefox 11.0 on Windows 7 65bit who sees the blog just fine, I have to ask if you're using NoScript.

> ... Windows 7 65bit who sees the blog just fine...

It's probably the extra address space.

Bahaha, whoops. I should have mentioned that my computer goes up to 11.

I'm using NoScript, all I got was a white page.

Nope, I'm not using NoScript.

Do you have cookies disabled? The page won't load unless you allow cookies for blogspot.com. Annoying, I know.

Look at the menubar next to the dropbox logo in the video.

It's the Google Drive app running.

Clever way to get people to use Google Docs. Instead of providing a page within Gmail, force people to use the Docs tab and set up their own spreadsheet. Evil genius.

I got stuck on 'Installing...'

Same, across a few browsers. :(

Across a couple of platforms, too.

so did anyone actually get this to install? I legitimately cannot get it to work on any browser on either of my macs...

I got it to install late Saturday or early Sunday. The data it provided was unsurprising.

Sort of cool, but all it takes is a 1 minute read through of Stephen Wolfram's most recent blog post to realize there are more interesting and useful ways of presenting this data. A lot of potentially useful information on sleep and work patterns is being eliminated by data aggregation. I wish more personal analytics tools would give users control over presentation.

I think you can modify the code easily (it's an app script, the code is at the end):


Does anyone know of a tool like this that can generate reports on a non-gmail service? I would love to see these stats on my work email, but it is run through exchange not gmail.

Sanebox.com offer visualizations of your email, broken out by useful vs time wasting. It's a side effect of them managing your inbox. They'd probably be open to additional data viz ideas

Possibly http://context.io/ though I can't tell if they only support Gmail or not from their site.

Shouldn't be hard to get this working on maildir/nmh mailbox directories, which would be super-useful.

Here is a similar service, also using your gmail account https://yearinreview.toutapp.com/

Nice; told me what I already know.

That I get way too many emails and I reply to way too few.

some nerds need to get outside

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